New Doors, a leading partner of Nuance-Microsoft, in Spain since 2003, is a forward-thinking and innovative company that offers customized solutions tailored to each situation. To achieve this, we have formed alliances with the most cutting-edge companies and have our own development department.

We have been leaders in the national market for 20 years, specializing in the distribution, installation, and consulting of speech recognition products like Dragon Medical Direct and Speech Magic™.

Since 2022, coinciding with Microsoft’s acquisition of Nuance, we have strengthened our cloud-based voice recognition solution on Azure, Dragon Medical One, and have introduced conversational AI assistants for workflow and documentation.

Our other lines of business enable us to offer comprehensive and specific solutions for each of our clients.

Our leadership in the voice recognition market in Spain has allowed us to expand into Latin America y Portugal.


New Doors equips the world of medicine, both public and private, with the latest technological advances in voice recognition. We emphasize Dragon Medical One to assist doctors in capturing patient data with less effort. Our goal is customer satisfaction, offering innovative, state-of-the-art technology (AI and natural language processing) along with attentive customer service, comprehensive support, and turnkey solutions at competitive prices. We are constantly engaged in R&D to ensure our products are always adapted to emerging technologies. We continuously engage in research and development (R&D+I) to ensure that our products are always adapted to new technologies.

Starting in 2023, we aim to expand into other business areas that require voice recognition, helping other professionals improve the quality of their documentation while reducing the time needed to do so.